Use as Wallpaper

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Use as Wallpaper


Ever since the release of iOS 17, users have noticed a new blur effect applied to wallpapers that don’t precisely match their screen dimensions, concealing any black bars.

Several users have reached out to me seeking a solution to this issue, which can be quite bothersome. In response, I’ve created a dedicated shortcut to address this problem whenever you apply a wallpaper.

So, if you’re tired of seeing blurred areas in your wallpapers, this shortcut is precisely what you need.


Using this shortcut is as straightforward as Apple’s own implementation. Just select the image you’d like as your wallpaper and choose “Use as Wallpaper.” You’ll then be prompted to specify whether it’s for both screens or just the home or lock screen.Download Shortcut

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Use as Wallpaper - Siri Shortcut

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