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Emoji to Image

Converts and emoji into an image

This fantastic shortcut enables users to turn an Emoji of their choice into an image. It’s ideal for anyone needing to use the Emoji in graphic design or when sending a message. Whether the user enters an Emoji or chooses one of the wildcards to get a random one, this shortcut provides the perfect solution. It’s easy-to-use and works by obtaining a transparent image, rasterizing the Emoji and overlaying it onto that image. Try it out today and make your messages more fun!

A Guide to Emoji Usage”

  • Enter one emoji to use it.
  • Enter more than one emoji to pick between the different emojis provided
  • Enter a “?” to get a random emoji from Emojipedia

Required apps

This shortcut allows you to get random emojis on both iOS 15 and iOS 16 without having to download the Actions app from the App Store. By specifying that you don’t have the app during setup, you can still use all the features of the shortcut without it, although the random emoji feature won’t be available. Get Emojis is an action that isn’t new to iOS 16 and you can use it without having to download the app.


This shortcut supports an API that can be used to automate converting emojis to images and then outputting them result. There are two different inputs that can be passed into the shortcut:

  • preset_passthrough
  • new_passthrough

For preset_passthrough , use a hashtag with the string to specify which Emoji to use. Wildcard sequences are supported, too. For example, pass preset_passthrough#😀 to get an emoji image of 😀, and preset_passthrough#?will get a random Emoji.

The new_passthrough option still outputs the result, but instead of using a preset Emoji, it asks the user to enter an Emoji or wildcard when run.

Final Note: This shortcut does not have an embedded update feature. I’m not sure how to do that, and thus, have not implemented it.Download Shortcut

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Emoji to Image - Siri Shortcut

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