Apple Store Availability

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Apple Store Availability

  1. Discover Nearby Apple Store Pickup Availability Easily: Use this convenient feature to quickly locate nearby Apple Stores with your desired product in stock. Once you click, you can seamlessly complete your purchase at your chosen Apple Store.”
  2. “Configuring the Siri Shortcut: To set up this Siri Shortcut, simply provide an Apple product ID, such as MTV63ZD/A (iPhone 15 Pro Titan Blue), as an input parameter. You can either modify the shortcut directly or integrate it into another shortcut and pass the product ID as an input parameter.”
  3. “Setting Up for Local Availability: When configuring the shortcut for the first time, input your zip code. This information is essential for enabling the nearby search feature. Please note that as of now, the shortcut has only been tested in Germany.

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Apple Store Availability - Siri Shortcut

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