AirDrop Message

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AirDrop Message

The AirDrop Message is an amazing shortcut that makes sharing messages with friends incredibly easy. This feature allows users to quickly and easily draw a message on a blank canvas or type out plain text and send it via AirDrop in merely seconds. With AirDrop Message, sending and receiving messages has never been faster or easier.

Discover three easy methods to share your content effectively:

  1. Canvas: Unleash Your Creativity

Choose the Canvas option to express your ideas by drawing on a blank black or white image with markup.

  1. Plain Text: Simplicity at its Best

Opt for the Plain Text option to effortlessly share your content through a text document.

Note: To view the document, recipients may need to open it in a compatible app like Notes.

  1. Share Sheet & Quick Actions (Mac): Enhanced Sharing Experience

Expand your sharing capabilities beyond drawings and plain text documents with the Share Sheet & Quick Actions feature (available for Mac users).

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AirDrop Message - Siri Shortcut

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